Welcome to Our  Dental AI Assisted Solution API

API is a collection of functions and procedures that enable the development of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or another service.


With our Dental API, developers can instantly integrate our APIs function within minutes with any platform and any language of development.

Save thousands of engineering hours by our API to sync bidirectionally with the health record system, which has a function for Lateral Cephalometric landmarks, Dental Photographics Lesion (condition detection) for Ortho, Perio, Restorative needs and its assessment of the degree of difficulty, Estimator of orthodontic treatment length

Why our Dental APIs?

  1. Fast integration & easy
  2. Saving time in development
  3. Development outsource algorithm
  4. API open standard integration
  5. Complete integration documentation (by request)

Benefits for User:

The Dentist API enables users to use functionality to help determine the type of treatment and orthodontic treatment length, as well as a reference in making "Dental Treatment Planning", and more accessible for doctors to assess the level of difficulty of dental conditions.



Uspto Class
Current U.S. Class:    1/1
Current CPC Class:    G06N 3/04 20130101; G06N 3/08 20130101
International Class:    G06N 3/08 20060101 G06N003/08; G06N 3/04 20060101 G06N003/04

How can our API be used?


APIs for dentists as SAAS (software as a service) can be integrated with existing software. Some of the following features will be very useful, such as Craniofacial Classifier Image Recognition, Lateral Cephalometric Landmarks, Photographics Lesion (condition detection) for Ortho, Perio, Restorative Needs & Its Assessment of Degree of Difficulty, and Estimator of Orthodontic  Treatment Length.

Our API 

Dental Craniofacial classifier image recognition

Lateral Cephalometric landmarks

Dental Photographics Lesion (condition detection) and degree of difficulty

Orthodontic treatment length estimator

BVI (Best Value Index)


Frontal Cephalometric Analysis