Lateral Cephalometric landmarks API

The Open Dental API allows developers to safely interact, quickly and easily access. It helps developers to establish/ develop applications with cephalometric lateral functionality without any "re-invent the wheel" or re-doing everything on their own.

Automatic Cephalometric Landmarks are essential for orthodontics. However, manual labelling of cephalometric landmarks is tedious and subjective, which also must be performed by professional doctors. In recent years, deep learning has gained attention for its success in computer vision field. It has achieved large progress in resolving problems like image classification or image segmentation.




With our API, developers can instantly integrate our generating coordinates points and name labels/landmarks function within minutes with any platform of development and any language of development.

How does this API work?

After being uploaded/inputted through the web portal, lateral X-ray images are analyzed by the AI (Artificial Intelligence), generating coordinates points and name labels/landmarks as shown in the attached image.


Uspto Class
Current U.S. Class:    1/1
Current CPC Class:    G06N 3/04 20130101; G06N 3/08 20130101
International Class:    G06N 3/08 20060101 G06N003/08; G06N 3/04 20060101 G06N003/04