API Dentist Craniofacial classifier image recognition

APIs empower developers to be more productive by reusing code in complex but repetitive processes. They don't need to start from scratch as the API specifies how to assemble software components in a program. In this API section, our AI will classify images based on the dental condition category. Fast and easy integration, saving time in development.

How does this API work

After being uploaded or entered into the web portal, all dental images are processed by AI (Artificial Intelligence). As a result, each image is classified or grouped based on its unique characteristics, which are divided into Arch (front, left, right, top, bottom), X-Ray (ceph, pano), and Addition (profile).


Uspto Class
Current U.S. Class:    1/1
Current CPC Class:    G06N 3/04 20130101; G06N 3/08 20130101
International Class:    G06N 3/08 20060101 G06N003/08; G06N 3/04 20060101 G06N003/04