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Frontal Cephalometric Analysis API

The Frontal Cephalometric Analysis API is an Application Programming Interface designed to enable access to frontal cephalometric X-ray images and related data. Our Frontal Cephalometric Analysis API offers numerous

benefits to dental practices and healthcare professionals, including improved diagnosis, streamlined workflow, enhanced collaboration, cost reduction, scalability, and increased accuracy of cephalometric measurements and

analysis. More specifically, Frontal Cephalometric Analysis APIs enable developers to generate valuable information for treatment planning and diagnosis of orthodontic and maxillofacial conditions, such as malocclusions, facial asymmetry, and jaw abnormalities. The analysis can assist orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons in determining the optimal treatment approach for their patients, which may include braces, orthognathic surgery, or other interventions.

With our API, developers can seamlessly integrate our function for generating coordinate points and namelabels/landmarks into their development platform of choice, regardless of the programming language, in justa few minutes.


How does this API work?


After being uploaded/inputted through the web portal, frontal X-ray images are analyzed by Dr. Annie, our artificial intelligence (AI) system, which generates coordinate points and name labels/landmarks as indicated in the attached image.

Uspto Class
Current U.S. Class:    1/1
Current CPC Class:    G06N 3/04 20130101; G06N 3/08 20130101
International Class:    G06N 3/08 20060101 G06N003/08; G06N 3/04 20060101 G06N003/04