iSmartOffice™ is a fully customizable dental practice management system that allows dental practice owners to manage their practice whether it is a single office or multi-offices.

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AI-based Dental Assessment

The AI analytic engine can help to determine the various types of dental needs based on several captured images. Furthermore, it will directly transcribe to its finding to appropriate dental clinics based on its insurance codes to streamline the patient’s access to oral health care.

Fully customizable

Our services are customizable to your practice management need. Whether you want a basic service including admin tool, scheduling, billing, inventory, and treatment chart, or complete service including DIO and packaging system, we have it all.

Privacy & Security

The online service will provide feedback through online reliable and secure HIPAA compliant medical/ dental data delivery.


iSmartOffice™ Clinic is a mobile and web based application that is very easy to use to manage approval for clinic. iSmartOffice™ Clinic main function is managing approval of patient requested appointment, doctor candidate list and assistant candidate list.

Scheduling patient appointments can be a headache-- that’s why we’ve reinvented the scheduling process! With the iSmartOffice™ Clinic Mobile, you can now be a part of our growing provider network, matching with patients with general and specialized dental needs. This app gives you the upper hand-- review the appointment, verify the patient insurance plan, and even receive payment BEFORE the initial exam.

iSmartOffice™ Patient mobile and web is a friendly, easy-to-use application designed to find dental practices with services and deals that best suit your needs.

With real-time AI-based dental needs assessment to help people seeking help identify their dental needs and provide a report (score) of their dental condition. Furthermore, it helps people build some foundation knowledge about their dental care. Users can show the result to review with their dentist (dental professionals) at their visit.


iSmartOffice™ Provider is a mobile and web based application that is very easy to use to help Provider and Assistant to manage their iSmartOffice™ Provider account role.

This application has 2 (two) account role providers and assistants, to manage their busy working schedules as well as easily communicate with other office staff and managers. iSmartOffice™ Provider also helps link providers and assistants with prospective employers.


This Apps Will Helps People SMARTer

Specialization in healthcare IT business integration, these apps will help people build some foundation knowledge about their dental care. Located in the heart of Midwest region of United States, Chicago. To provide well designed and well balanced IT system integration using the most current technology available.

Product Features


Advanced Features That Give You a Life of Ease

AI-based Dental Assessment

Dental Assessment module is a real-time AI-based dental needs assessment to help people seeking help identify their dental needs and provide a report (score) of their dental condition.

QR Code Check-In

Spend less time checking patients in with our proprietary patient QR code system. Appointment and payment details automatically display on the iSmartOffice Clinic app; all you have to do is scan!

Best Deal

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Integrated System

Designed to help patients, the dental clinic, and staff to connecting with ease.


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Drop us an email at or we would love to hear your voice by calling us at +1-833-6776676

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Nope, It is absolutely free. Guaranteed!

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Aori Sora

Patient & Business Owner

It was an amazing experience. The staffs were very friendly, helpful, and caring. The results are amazing. I will recommend them to all my friends and families.

Dr. Lawrence

Practitioner & Clinic Owner

They are very professional and reliable. They help us to bring more patients to our clinic, even in low peak seasons!!

Eric Howzer

Marketing Manager

It was an amazing experience. The AI Analytics help us to determine the right clinic for my tooth problem.

Agnes Kunze

Patient & Young Entrepreneur

I finally receive the best dental care experience that I've been dreaming of. I can now smile confidently, thanks to the iSmartOffice™ and DR. ANNIE™ AI solution.

Yongming Deng


Trying to find a dentist who offers safe and quality care during the pandemic has been a headache! Luckily I found iSmartOffice™ with the help of my orthodontic clinic. This unique app allows me to match with local general and specialty dentists who fit my price, insurance, and service needs. My favorite thing about iSmartOffice™ is the virtual diagnostic feature, which offers service suggestions based on user-submitted photos. It was very quick and easy to use! All in all, I love this app and the amazing changes that come with every update. You should definitely check it out!

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