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What is iSmartOffice™?

How to make an appointment?

What is the point system reward?

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What is iSmartOffice™?
What is iSmartOffice™?
iSmartOffice™ is a smart app using AI system to manage patients, clinics and provider, works together for your dental health.

iSmartOffice Patient App

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What are the Main Features?
Meet DR. ANNIE™, Find Clinic, Best Deal, Profile, and many more benefits you can utilize!
How to Register?
After download the app, register by enter your email.
Who is DR. ANNIE™ and what she do?
Our smart AI, DR. ANNIE™ will examine your dental condition and would suggest the best treatment you'll need.
How to find clinic within the app?
Go to find Clinic tab and find the best suitable clinic with your own preferences.
How to reach iSmartOffice™ support service?
In the Help tab, you will see some options to reach our support services, either via chat, email, or read our Help Documentation manually.
How to change password and personal info?
Edit your personal info by entering the profile section. Click your name in the top right corner to open it.
How do I know my appointment status?
You can manage or check your appointment, whether it's accepted, declined, or canceled in the Appointment tab on the homescreen.
How to view my activity history?
View history of your appointment and the best deal in the Purchase History tab.
How to get a promo and best price from the clinics?
You can get the discount voucher and promotions from trusted clinics by entering Best Deal tab.
What is Point Reward in iSmartOffice™ apps?
You can get point rewards after completing different activities within iSmartOffice™ apps, that can be used for purchase Best Deal coupon or prepaid treatment.

iSmartOffice Clinic App

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What is iSmartOffice™ Clinic?
iSmartOffice™ Clinic is an app for dental clinic manager to assist their day-to-day clinic operation.
What are the system requirements needed?
iSmartOffice™ Clinic Mobile recommended systems are: Min. Android 4.4, iOS 8.0, 1GB of RAM and 80MB of free disk space.
How to confirm patients with QR code?
You can scan your patient's QR code in their iSmartOffice™ Patient Apps to confirm their arrival.
What are the types of patient status?
There are five patient's statuses, which is requested, accepted, confirmed, completed, and declined/canceled.
How to accept or declined patient's appointment?
Accept or declined your patient's requested appointment by clicking the blue arrow in the appointment request list in the home screen of the app.
How to manage doctor and provider within the apps?
Click doctor or assistant candidate tab on the home screen and click the list to see more information of the candidates to accept or declined them.

iSmartOffice Apps

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iSmartOffice™ is a fully customizable dental practice management system that allows dental practice owners to manage their practice whether it is a single office or multi-offices.

What are the complete steps to use iSmartOffice™ Patient?
There are five steps to make the most of iSmartOffice™ Patient app. Please click below to watch the complete explanation about it.
What are the complete steps to use iSmartOffice™ Clinic?
There are five steps to make the most of iSmartOffice™ Clinic app. Please click below to watch the complete explanation about it.