How Clinics Can Benefit


  • Promote your practice with the personalized app (logo, name, features).

  • Use AI to help you pre-screen the right patients for your practice. (DR ANNIE™)

  • Attract patients to fill your vacant schedule.

  • One system to manage doctors, staff, patients, scheduling, production, billing, insurance, and collections.

  • Work with the practice management systems, such as Eaglesoft, Dolphin, Open Dental.


The iSmartOffice™ comprises 3 main parts:

With the iSmartOffice™ app, dental clinics and group clinics have the best, most complete all around office and staff management app on the market. Our app and software help you manage scheduling staff, patient appointments, and much more. Using three interactive web portals, one for patients, employees, and management each, we’ve created an interface that improves efficiency so clinics don’t miss possible appointments and opportunities for care, and so patients have easier access to care than ever.

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1. iSmartOffice™ Patient

It is the apps and web portal to manage the patient). Besides its main function to attract patient to the clinics member of iSmartOffice™ by providing them with direct link to the appointment request based on dental treatment needed, the iSmartOffice™ patient was also equipped with DR ANNIE™ (Digital Research Artificial Neural Network Intelligence Expert), an AI functionality that can help patient determine the dental need in various disciplines of dentistry and help them to find the most appropriate possible nearby dental providers (clinics) within the member of iSmartOffice™ that will provide the best treatment possible, with the best price and service possible (10 parameters will be simultaneously weighted).

Apps can be downloaded from

2. iSmartOffice™ Clinic 

Available to be accessed through:, the clinic webportal has the ability for the clinic to work single or multi offices (locations).
The clinic will be able to publish any available schedule, as well as promotion at a given time period. More over for clinics that already has Google Business website, a REVIEW for the clinic as well as their request appointment can be accepted directly from the Google Site.
Clinic can then approve or decline and requested appointment from any patients utilizing the iSmartOffice™ patient.

Clinic can also manage their doctors and assistants of the working schedules to ensure coverage at all time, including emergency.

HIPAA compliant and GDPR compliant, the iSmartOffice clinic has also the capability to integrate directly with several dental practice management system such as EagleSoft and Dolphin Practice Management.

3. iSmartOffice™ Provider/Assistant

This accompanying apps and webportal provide superb capability to help dental clinic(s) particularly group clinics in which multiple providers and assistants work in different locations at different time and days. Besides it help in managing the day-to-day operation for providers (doctors) and staff (assistants) allocation, the provider apps have the ability to allow direct authorized communication with the
assigned patient (LIVE consultation) as well as AI driven consultation. The apps and webportal can be accessed to :