Our practice has been devoted to implementing the latest technology to improve our service and patient experience. We are excited to introduce our innovative smartphone app iSmartOffice™ to you. The iSmartOffice™ app will enable users to request dental appointments, receive promotions, search for dental providers in an easy and convenient way.

"Trying to find a dentist who offers safe and quality care during the pandemic has been a headache! Luckily I found iSmartOffice™ with the help of my orthodontic clinic.
This unique app allows me to match with local general and specialty dentists who fit my price, insurance, and service needs. My favorite thing about iSmartOffice™ is the virtual diagnostic feature, which offers service suggestions based on user-submitted photos. It was very quick and easy to use! ❤️ All in all, I love this app and the amazing changes that come with every update. You should definitely check it out!"


"I finally received the best dental care experience that I have been dreaming on. I can now smile confidently. Thanks to the iSmartOffice™ DR. ANNIE™ AI solution."

"This unique apps enable me to find the best dental care for me. It’s unique AI and matching ability provide me with options of reasonably priced, reputable and excellent treatment outcome dental clinic. Thank you iSmartOffice™ and DR. ANNIE™."

How to get started?

Step One: Download the iSmartOffice™ app for FREE.

Step Two: Create an account and complete registration

Create your user name and password. You will receive a confirmation email with a hyperlink to click through and validate your registration. Once the registration process is completed, you may log in to the iSmartOffice™ app.

Step Three: Request Appointments


For existing patients (i.e., treatment has been started), you may request your next appointment by following the steps below:

  1. Select "Find clinic";
  2. Choose a desired date for your appointment;
  3. Select "service" followed by ADD service;
  4. Choose "No referral";
  5. Select a dental service you are looking for and click "Next" (Note: for orthodontic check up, please select "Regular cleaning and check up appointment");
  6. Enter the zip code
  7. Click "Search";
  8. Click "Book Now";
  9. Once your appointment request is sent, you will receive an email telling you if your appointment request is granted or declined;
  10. Choose another desired date for your appointment if your request was declined.
  11. Once your appointment request is granted (accepted), you will receive a confirmation email as well as a QR code in the app.


If you are a new patient, or you need to find a dentist around you, the app can help you locate dentists who can perform dental procedures such as filling, cleaning, whitening, extraction, implants, dentures, etc.. The dentists in the list are usually excellent dentists we have been working together with for years with great reputation.

You may find more features such as our Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Bot (DR. ANNIE™) which meets your dental needs.

For more exciting features of the iSmartOffice™ App, please read the manual: