This accompanying apps and webportal provide superb capability to help dental clinic(s) particularly group clinics in which multiple providers and assistants work in different locations at different time and days. Besides it help in managing the day-to-day operation for providers (doctors) and staff (assistants) allocation, the provider apps have the ability to allow direct authorized communication with the assigned patient (LIVE consultation) as well as AI driven consultation. The apps and webportal can be accessed to :

"iSmartOffice™ is really Smart. It helped our office tremendously especially in continuing patients’ care during this difficult pandemic time through its AI telehealth."
Dr Diana Cheng (General Dentist, Chicago, IL)
"The connection and engagement between patients and our clinics are never been this interactive. The AI feature encompassed in this product is really amazing in streamlining patients to find us."
Dr Tarek ElBialy (Professor and Orthodontist, Edmonton, Canada)
"iSmartOffice™ and it’s cute AI DR. ANNIE™ have helped our office to treat our patients better and more accessible. It has been an awesome journey."
Dr Ayas Makki (Orthodontist, Milwaukee, WI)